Induspray Australia Pty. Ltd.

Industrial surface preparation and protective coatings specialists. Scaffolding, Encapsulation, Access systems, scaffold designs; Encapsulation, Abrasive Blasting, Non Destructive Soda Blasting; Spray Painting, Floor coatings and Non Slip finishes, Demarcation of floors to As. NZ or NOSA Standards. Rubber coatings and linings, Ceramic coatings and Ceramic Tiling. Internal pipe blasting and coating Equipment. On-Site and 24/7 Workshop Facilities in the Hunter Valley, Singleton area. Speed liner Coatings for maximum equipment protection.

Provides maintenance and operational support for the mining and resources industry. Excellent safety record, culture and proven safety management performance. Strategic footprint established in the Bowen Basin & Hunter Valley - Australia’s premier coal basins Induspray Australia is one of a select few mining service providers, whose services offer support from start to finish of the coal process. Induspray Australia Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1989 and is a well respected and successful mining services business in the area of surface preparation by High Pressure water Blasting, Steam Cleaning, Abrasive Sandblasting, and the application of Specialized Protective Coatings, Rubberized Wear Resistant Coatings, Internal Pipe Blasting and Painting as well as Ceramic Tiling. Major mining companies have moved to focus on core business functions and are generally out sourcing maintenance and support services, which is where we can help.

Overview of Induspray Australia Pty. Ltd.

Induspray Australia HSE current state

Induspray Australia currently has historically had a number of localised and site specific Safety Management Plans (SMP) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP) across its business units. Each business unit typically had its own safety tool kit - E.g. SLAMS, JSA’s, SWP’s etc
Risk management processes existed at a local level with opportunity for the implementation of a Induspray Australia wide strategy which is now fully underway. Our company has excellent technical competence with opportunities for safety leadership development
(line management ownership) Employee engagement programs are localised with scope for improvement

Induspray’s HSE future state

Induspray Australia is currently implementing an overarching Health, Safety, Environment Management System (HSEMS) across its business. Roll out is fully underway with all business units Pressure Washing, Scaffolding, Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coatings.

Short term programs already introduced;

  • Re induction of all employees to Induspray standards.
  • Standardisation of Pre-start meetings across the business.
  • Standardisation of personalised pre task personal risk assessments (take 5) where the tool is not prescribed by the client
  • Much improved investigation process including why tree
  • Wider metrics system focussing on core lead indicator improvement Drivers and Management ownership and engagement in the Safety Journey
  • Safety Interaction training to accelerate culture change process

Induspray Australia Pty. Ltd. is implementing company wide safety principles that will apply to all high risk activities (if there are systems laid down by the client then they are utilised) Regionalisation and development of the safety community of competence (Complete)Safety leadership competencies development (up skill our Managers and Front Line Supervision on what it means to be a “Safety leader”) Employee engagement strategies (safety interactions at site by senior management) New incident investigation process (why tree) Daily prestart meetings, and tool box talks before work starts.

Zero (Harm) Core Components

Induspray’s Culture Map JULY 2018